Tri-City Roller Derby – League:

2015 league photo

Tri-City Travel:

Thunder and Plan B joined Forces! Tri City Travel represents some of the top skaters in the Tri-City and surrounding area, and these 25+ athletes now train together year round. The hard work and determination of these skaters has once again proven that they are here to dominate, and are hungry for a spot at the Division 1 Playoffs for a second year in a row.

travel pic

Andy Slamberg #0, Psykosonic #4,  Stark of Winner-fell #7,  RainBlows Brite #13,  AnneX #14 (Captain), Justine Sane #17,  Honey Badger #18,  Lippy Wrongstockings #19,  Bazooka Betty #20,  Anne Tastic #24,  Suzy Slam #33,  Meg N Plead #42,  Brunt Force Brunny #44,  Cannonball Doll #64,  MEGAnTRON #84,  Stacie Jones #101 (Captain), Crazy Squirrel #231, Violent No-Regard #303,  SlaughterHouse Streeter, #480, PIty Affoo #711,  Fraxxure #911, Fox ‘Hadley’ Smoulder #1013,  Scary Fairy #1212,  Kristy Skelton #1321, Aggrosaurus #2042,  Wylde Leigh Coyote #9TNT, Commader Will Wrecker #N01

The Venus Fly Tramps:

Winning hearts and bouts. The Venus Fly Tramps are Tri-City’s mistresses of hard hits and homestyle hospitality. They’ll feed you pain on the track and bread at the potluck (that’s a Canadian joke, eh)! No scoreboard can measure the Tramps’ ability to win hearts with every encounter!

Lilith NoFair (Coach),  Freudian Whip (Coach),  AnneX #14, Em Pale #66, Konky #2000, Slaughterhouse Streeter #480 (Co-Captain), Violent No Regard #303, Amy Feral Foul-Her #2 (Co- Captain), Fraxxure #911, Wylde Leigh Coyote #8TNT,  Poison EV #333, Slashsqautch #52 , Knotty Hooker #778, Brunt Force Brunny #44, Scary Fairy #1212, No Good Tamaritan #73, Superstack #705

The Vicious Dishes:

SKATE & DESTROY! The Vicious Dishes are the black sheep of the Tri-City league; the skaters you love to hate. But like the notorious honey badger, Dishes don’t care because they’re gonna take you DOWN! In their relaxed state (the after party) they’re a fun-lovin’, booty poppin’, dream team… but life ain’t an after party. On the track, the Dishes have the skills to outlast and outplay their opponents. From the ashes of last season, Dishes will rise up and conquer. Quitting is not an option! They’re vicious! They’re the Tri-City Dishes!

dishes picStacie Jones #101, Lippy Wrongstockings #19 (Captain),  Meg N’ Plead #42, Suzy Slam #33, Commander Will Wrecker #NO1 (Captain), Necro-Nancy #999, MEGAnTRON #84, Copper Wire #2117, Andi Slamberg 0, Cleothrashya #15 , Anya Face #234, Ruby Shrew #32, Cannonball Doll #64, Stark of Winner-fell #7, Crazy Squirrel #231, Crazy Naked Cat Lady #365, Sofanda Beatin (Coach), Muscle Car (Coach)

The Total Knock-Outs:

Tri-City’s black and bluest team! The Total Knock-Outs are TCRDs black and bluest team. A merciless mix of dedication, athleticism, and brawn, these ladies strive to knock you out, just like Mamma told them to. The Total Knockouts are the perfect mix between the Vicious Dishes and the Venus Fly Tramps. Intense, they strive to push themselves and each other to become better players. The TKOs will be victorious this season using teamwork and a calm demeanor to psych the competition out. Full of feisty energy, the TKOs are a force to be reckoned with.

Total Knock-Outs

Psykosonic #4, Winger #8, Justine Sane #17,  Honey Badger #18 (Captain), Bazooka Betty #20, AnneTastic #24, Smack KerouWhack #25, All Sass Lorraine # 28, Dilly Dally Llama #63, Tuffy Ste. Marie #87, Juka-Lailie #92, Booty Two-Shoes #96, Scream Filled Cupcake #99, Gamma Bomb #181,  Pity Affoo #711 (Captain), Aggrosaurus #R0AR ,  Meow Wallace (Coach), Fox Smoulder (Coach)

Tri-City Junior Roller Derby:

The future of derby is here. are you ready? Small but mighty… mighty tough! Two years after its inception, Tri-City Roller Derby has taken the Stratford Junior Roller Derby league under its wing. TCJRD is fast growing co-ed recreational league for youth aged 9-17. Catch these fierce skaters headlining at TCRD bouts and developing skills both on and off the track. Special mention (and a million thanks) to Jennifer Zammit and Bazooka Betty for your dedication and commitment to the future of roller derby!

 junior pic






Officials Team:

Tri-City’s zebevras help keep everything running smooth
These are our officials!

Tri-City Refs and NSOs

Matt S. Faction (Ref), Tawl Glass O’ Wadda (Ref), Lou Tennant (Ref), Jules and Regulations (Ref), Oldemann (Ref), Deadman (Ref), Green Eggs and Sam (Ref), CockamAmy (Ref), Mamma Supper (NSO), Jen Prosser (NSO), Tommy Gunhaver (NSO), Iron Median (NSO)

Thanks to YoungNunn Photography for TCRD League and Juniors photos.

Thanks photographer Laura Mundinger for Tri-City Travel’s photo.

Thanks to photographer Charlotte Brown for the TKO’s, Tramps’ & Officials’ photos.