TCRD League Photo 2014


Tri-City Thunder

Shark Bait Ho Ha Ha!
Thunder is Tri-City’s all star travel team, chosen to represent the league and the community in the ultra competitive world of international flat track roller derby.

Fast, hungry and relentless, this pack of Thundersharks are ready to take their place at the top of the food chain!

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Tri-City Thunder

Freudian Whip 22, Smashing Booty 12, Mandy Maggotbone 669, Psykosonic 4, AnneX 14, Ova’Kill 11, Commander Will Wrecker NO1, Meow Wallace 1321, Lilith No Fair 37, The Shocker 00, Fox Smoulder 1013 (Captain), Pitty Affo 711, Fraxxure 911 (Captain), Lippy Wrongstockings 19, Smash 12, Preying Man Tease 6T9, Sofanda Beatin’ 420, Rain Blows Brite 13, Stacie Jones 101, Cannonball Doll 64, Wylde Leigh Cyote 9TNT, Aggrosaurus R0AR, Business Socks (Coach), jRobot (Coach)

Tri-City Plan B

Plan B (Skaterol Ferocium)
For the relief of symptoms of boredom, apathy, dullness, tedium and general ennui, Tri-City Roller Derby recommends Plan B (Skaterol Ferocium). When used as directed, Plan B is safe and effective. Side effects may include feelings of joy, amazement, phenomenal power, spectacular delight and dry mouth. With its 14 active ingredients, Plan B combines top athleticism with determination and passion to create the #1 recommended brand of derby for all ages.

Suggested dosage of Plan B is: as often as possible.

Plan B is not tested on animals and is contraindicated in people with no sense of awesome.

Tri-City Travel Teams

Suzy Slam 33, Fiddygirl 50, Ann Killbiter 16 (Captain), Ruby Shrew 32, Slaughterhouse Streeter 480, Meg N Plead 42, Finite Skate Automaton 1011, Justine Sane 17 (Captain), A Little Ruthless 21, Smashfield 303, Dr. Ninja (Coach), Business Booty (Coach)

The Venus Fly Tramps

Winning hearts and bouts.
The Venus Fly Tramps are Tri-City’s mistresses of hard hits and homestyle hospitality. They’ll feed you pain on the track and bread at the potluck (that’s a Canadian joke, eh)! No scoreboard can measure the Tramps’ ability to win hearts with every encounter!

Venus Fly Tramps

Lilith NoFair 37 (Captain), AnneX 14, Freudian Whip 22, Leigh-zzie Borden 40, Bloody Mess Jess 88, Em Pale 66, Konky 2000, a little ruthless 21, Gitana Loba 714, Mandy Maggotbone 669, Ann Killbiter 16, Hall’n Ass 550, Slaughterhouse Streeter 480, Smashfield 303, Amy Feral Foul-Her 2, Fraxxure 911, Evol Jesster 144, Dr. Ninja (Coach)

The Vicious Dishes

The Vicious Dishes are the black sheep of the Tri-City league; the skaters you love to hate. But like the notorious honey badger, Dishes don’t care because they’re gonna take you DOWN! In their relaxed state (the after party) they’re a fun-lovin’, booty poppin’, dream team… but life ain’t an after party. On the track, the Dishes have the skills to outlast and outplay their opponents. From the ashes of last season, Dishes will rise up and conquer. Quitting is not an option! They’re vicious! They’re the Tri-City Dishes!

Vicious Dishes

Smash 12, Cleothrashya 15, Skate Pastor 10 (Captain), The Dartful Badger 6p, Cannonball Doll 64, Commander Will Wrecker N01, Necro-Nancy 999, Finite Skate Automaton 1011 (Captain), Stacie Jones 101, Suzy Slam 33, Lippy Wrongstockings 19, Ruby Shrew 32, Meg N Plead 42, Sofanda Beatin 420, Hellcat of Panar (Coach)

The Total Knock-Outs

Tri-City’s black and bluest team
The Total Knock-Outs are TCRDs black and bluest team. A merciless mix of dedication, athleticism, and brawn, these ladies strive to knock you out, just like Mamma told them to. The Total Knockouts are the perfect mix between the Vicious Dishes and the Venus Fly Tramps. Intense, they strive to push themselves and each other to become better players. The TKOs will be victorious this season using teamwork and a calm demeanor to psych the competition out. Full of feisty energy, the TKOs are a force to be reckoned with.

Total Knock-Outs

Meow Wallace 1321 (Captain), Aggrosaurus R0AR (Captain), Psykosonic 4, RainBlows Brite 13, Fox Smoulder 1013, Tuffy Ste. Marie 87, Rando 109, Justine Sane 17, Hash’em Slash’em 77, The Teenanator 703, Scream Filled Cupcake 99, Juka-Lailie 92, Evil Liza 00, Chantal Krazyasskick 82, Booty Two-Shoes 96, Preying Man Tease 6T9, Lowblow Lois 8, Pity Affoo 711, Business Socks (Coach)

Officials Team

Tri-City’s zebevras help keep everything running smooth
These are our officials!

Tri-City Refs and NSOs

Matt S. Faction (Ref), Tawl Glass O’ Wadda (Ref), Lou Tennant (Ref), Jules and Regulations (Ref), Oldemann (Ref), Deadman (Ref), Green Eggs and Sam (Ref), CockamAmy (Ref), Mamma Supper (NSO), Jen Prosser (NSO), Tommy Gunhaver (NSO), Iron Median (NSO)

Thanks to photographer Charlotte Brown for all these photos (except Thunder’s team photo).