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Venus Fly Tramps 2011:  Lilith NoFair #37 (c), Kitty Krasher #3 (c), Freudian Whip #22 (ac), Deadly Jenzyme #23, Teargas #156, Em Pale #66, Konky #2000, Gunmoll Mindy #over80, CellBlock Bettie #5oh, Dodge Swinger #1973, Leigh-zzie Borden #40whacks, Holly Hell-a-Day #7, Bloody Mess Jess #88, Inca Pacitate #777, Ruby Shrew #32, Perky Set #3.14, Ann Killbiter #16, Wanda Wreckya #502 Coaches: Captain Lou El Bammo, Gregasauruss
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  • 2014 Home Games

    For the complete list of games, home and away, click here.

    HOME: April 12th
    Thunder/Plan B vs Brandywine Roller Girls
    New Hamburg Arena @ 6pm

    HOME: May 24th
    TKOs vs Dishes
    Tramps vs Kingston Derby Girls
    Waterloo Rec Centre @ 6pm

    HOME: June 14th
    Thunder/Plan B vs Bleeding Heartland Roller Derby
    Waterloo Rec Centre @ 6pm

    HOME: July 5th
    Dishes vs Tramps
    TKOs vs Gore-Gore Roller Girls (ToRD)
    Waterloo Rec Centre @ 6pm

    HOME: July 26th
    Tramps vs TKOs
    Dishes vs Canadian Clubbers (BCB)
    Waterloo Rec Centre @ 6pm

    D2 PLAYOFFS: August 22-24th
    WFTDA D2 Playoffs